Stage Work

In 2018, played various leads and assorted oddballs in…FIFTEEN ONE-ACTS by Sam Shepard as part of…

Stardate 2017…the 50th Anniversary of STAR TREK and New York City’s first Trek Convention …

Captain Mark A. Altman (scifi god, writer & producer of FREE ENTERPRISE & PANDORA etc. etc. ) invited me to NYC for another Trek-inspired mission of his: after recording his massive audiobook of Trekcollections of cast , crew and beyond, he invited me to take part in a live-cast reading of the motion picture STAR TREK IV:THE VOYAGE HOME.  Click in this space to read how 2000 Nerds Heard The Words and roared their approval…while providing all the sound FX! 

Here’s The Crew of our little “enterprise”  (I’m the lone Los Angeles actor here among the Trekkers, famous faces (Mary Stuart Masterson was our Kirk) and all dose New Yawkers, but… I wasn’t feeling alien-NATEd.  That would be illogical, Captain.)

Whale, blow me down!

Here’s another pic of me, the Evil Whaler, deciding that jumping up on a super-rickety sofa while brandishing an invisible harpoon is worth the improv risk of converting couch- to- whaleboat.  Turns out…it was.  2000 nerds cheered  our ham-fisted whalers defeat and cushioned scuttling.)


Got all hopped up on the crazy for The March Hare in ALICE IN WONDERLAND at the grand olf EL PORTAL THEATRE in NoHo.

“Ears” lookin’ at you, kids!

Hey, when you see somethin’ ya like, reach out and Rabbit!

EARS lookin’ at you kids!!


Me as famous Nexus Artist JOSEPH BEUYS in Tom Patchett’s (NEWHART, ALF)
” THE DEATH AND TIMES OF JOSEPH BEUYS” – Track 16 Gallery, Los Angeles

1982 Elephant Men never forget… It’s not often you get handed a baton directly from heroes like Mark Hamill — and David Bowie— just before him– but at 19, I was the first ELEPHANT MAN to trumpet Merrick’s virtues once the celebrated circus FINALLY left Broadway. (Our university in the woods somehow got the rights over allll the suitors eager to follow such famous footsteps.)

MAINE MASQUE – UNIVERSITY OF MAINE – Larry Vinal, Elizabeth Heid & Me(rrick)