fish pens & lobster tales…(loomings, soundings, scribblings )

(2021 kicked off with a semi-final send-home of my one-act submission to the SCRANTON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL and was the first time I submitted it to anyone outside a small circle of friends and collaborators. (A three-hander originally entitled FLOATING ROPE, it came out of our Sam Shepard Workshops with PaduaLab in California.) Below is both my very nice rejection letter and an excerpt.

When not acting Shepard, I try to act like him as a writer. It helps having his sister, Sandy, in my corner and on the same program…
David Hayward as my “Maine character”, Rex, in GHOST TRAP (nee FLOATING ROPE:Part One)
David in oils(kins) on the island of
painters & pain, Monhegan.

Me at the microphone as the onstage Narrator…