Game on!

Hello, playahhh! You know, usually bartenders aren’t talking to themselves when they say “You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.” But…

…starting August 1, you can find me holding court and practicing my “serve” in Beverly Hills at MÍRAME as Bar Manager and Assistant GM.

(There you’ll also find an experience that reflects the layered culinary history of both California & Mexico and a fantastically fun ‘farm to bar’ beverage program that offers a robust collection of Mexican wines & spirits and only-at-Mirame mezcals and tequilas!)

Hope y’all “swing” by Canon Drive soon so we can mix some business with pleasure and be sure to scroll on down for my parting shots…

LATC-ya-later everybody!

Thank you for the good talks, good times and too-kind words this past week. (You know who you are). You guys really raised the bar. And made it member-able. Cheers.