Bar Humbug

Well, 2020 was a Dickensian year–haunted by everything but child labor sweatshops and guillotines– and 2021 was a booster-shot of shit for everybody but…

… while I can’t spread holiday “cheers” with you all in person, I figured the least I could do would be to remotely mix up something merry & bright.

But be warned, chances are you’ll be visited by more than three spirits!

So, along with wishing you warm memories of the Past, a peaceful and healthy Present and shades of Good Things Yet To Be, I give you TWELVE HOLIDAY ANTIDOTES to the year(s) that Scrooged us all!

So that’s it! You’ve opened up the last window of our little Holiday Alcoholic Advent Calendar. As we close the door on the dangerous drunkard that was 2020, just know you got an ear here if you need any custom craft cocktails as a gift or for your socially-distanced events during the Covid hangover year of 2021! Just belly on up to your keyboard and order up at (Tell me what your’re thinkin’ of drinkin’ and I’ll crunch the numbers while muddling the mint and sling you a quote before closing time.) Speaking of which, fare ye well for now and remember: You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here!