Audie Award-nominated cast member of Skyboat Media’s genre-busting audioplay of Orson Scott Card’s ENDER’S GAME. Narrated both volumes of Punch Audio’s “THE FIFTY YEAR MISSION: THE COMPLETE UNAUTHORIZED, UNOFFICIAL ORAL HISTORY OF STAR TREK.” Also performed in all 3 volumes of THIRTY YEARS OF TREASON, Skyboat’s dramatic reenactment of the House Un-American Activities Commitee Hearings on the Hollywood Blacklist.

  • Also regularly directed audiobook recording sessions for Skyboat, collaborating with industry vanguards like Stefan Rudnicki, Rosalyn Landor, Maxwell Caulfield, and Rex Linn.

So, hey,if you want to quickly beam aboard a spocktacular best-selling audiobook, then Boldly Go to The Fifty Year Mission (Star Trek): (I’m Voice #1 on both Audible samples, so y’all can hit it and quit it!)

In addition, you can sample another big group audioplay effort about  Hollywood, Communism and those earlier Congressional fascists in Thirty Years of Treason. (I’m Voice #2 on the Blue Volume 2).