In addition to regularly directing audiobook recording sessions for Skyboat Media, conducting & collaborating with narration legends and industry vanguards like Stefan Rudnicki, Rosalyn Landor, Maxwell Caulfield, and Rex Linn…

…I also enjoy my time on the other side of the glass, with a microphone in front of me.

At Skyboat, I was an Audie Award-nominated cast member of their genre-busting audioplay of Orson Scott Card’s ENDER’S GAME and performed in all 3 volumes of THIRTY YEARS OF TREASON, their dramatic audioplay reenactment of the House Un-American Activities Commitee Hearings on the Hollywood Blacklist. For Punch Audio, I narrated both volumes of “THE FIFTY YEAR MISSION: THE COMPLETE UNAUTHORIZED, UNOFFICIAL ORAL HISTORY OF STAR TREK” and arghhhhd me way through BLACK SAM: PRINCE OF PIRATES!

To quickly beam aboard that spocktacular, best-selling audiobook mentioned above, then Boldly Go to The Fifty Year Mission (Star Trek): (I’m Voice #1 on both Audible samples, so y’all can hit it and quit it!)

To eavesdrop on those earlier Congressional fascists, click here on Thirty Years of Treason and I will testify that Voice #2 on the Blue Volume is me as well!)

“Ja” might also have heard my voice on the English-language dub of Netflix’s International hit, BABYLON BERLIN (Post Haste Digital). In addition to using VOICEQ, I’ve also acted in live-remote sessions via Zoom (hear a few of these with Realm Audio here).