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Hiya, Sport! And Happy Hollydaze!

Well, yowza, yowza, yowza, it’s December and here I am again on the seedy internet in my fleabag-best fashion letting you know I rounded out 2021 narrating a swell City Garage production of “Hughie,” one of Eugene O’Neill’s last works. Directed by Frederique Michel and streamed nationally by Broadway On Demand, I recorded it ( as I’m recording this) in my Now-See-Here-Pal pajamas, so give us actors an excuse to put on real clothes and get out and support live theatre, or as the immortal Nick the Bartender says in Pottersville: “Do ya get my drift or do i have ta slip ya my left for a convince-ah?” (psst: at least you can go right now to my Bar Humbug page for more Capra-inspired libations and recipes!) And by all means, stay a while here and imbibe in the other 2021 offerings below…

…this Natemare, before Christmas, could also be found conjuring up the willies in an audio production of “Agony Chamber”, a new, short work of horror by fellow Maineiac Morgan Sylvia. Click fear to listen … and be afraid, be very afraid...

Earlier this year, I also wrapped guest star spots in TACOMA F.D. & Netflix’s THE LINCOLN LAWYER and got to play the heavy in another part of THE DARK TOME universe.

The Dark Tome is back with a standalone audio movie, called UNDERTOW. Click here to listen to a segment.

professional AF & very user-friendly kind of talent.”

Pete O’Fallon, Director

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