Actor / Voice Talent / Audiobook Narrator / Writer

Nathan Dana is professional AF & a very user-friendly kind of talent.”

Pete O’Fallon, Director

Wanna quick peek at Classically-Trained-Yet-Not-Easily-Explained me? Then click below ↓↓↓ 

Clips  /  IMDB Comedy Reel

(Sneak pic taken by JP O’Fallon on the set of AGENT X. )

Below is a new work of horror I voiced in 2021 for fellow Maine-iac, writer Morgan Sylvia

Click fear to listen … and be afraid, be very afraid...

..and a 2021 “wrap” up? On camera, I performed guest star spots on TACOMA F.D. & Netflix’s THE LINCOLN LAWYER and in audioland, got to play the heavy in another part of THE DARK TOME universe with the magckal guidance of Fred Greenhalgh!

The Dark Tome is back with a standalone audio movie, called UNDERTOW. Click here to listen to a segment. DOOOOOOO IT!!!!